Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Things to tell Teens About Sex.

10 Things to Tell Teens About Sex

1. God created sex. And because God created sex; it is good. In fact, He commanded Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. In other words, have a whole lot of sex!

2. Sex is great…within marriage. It really is! You will never experience true and amazing sex, the way God intended it, outside of marriage. Sex is for marriage. That is what God intended.

3. Sex is not a dirty thing. The world has made God’s awesome and pure gift dirty, but it’s beautiful and

4. It is okay to talk about sex. A healthy discussion of sex is a good thing.

5. Sex is everywhere. It is on television, radio, online. We have to be cautious of the things we see and what we view as sex objects. Satan has distorted sex into something dirty and dangerous.

6. Sex education has to start at home. Invite parents to come in and learn how to talk about sex with their teenagers.

Have your sex talk with a group of panelists with couples from various stages of life there to newlywed to older generation and having some ways some anonymous questions can be asked of the panelists.

7. Confront the myths surrounding sex. Condoms are NOT effective against STD’s. There is a harsh reality for pregnant teens. Talk about masturbation, oral sex, and pornography.

8. Talk about the process of change going on in your students’ bodies. Something hormonal is happening and bringing in an expert to talk to your teens about these changes from a biblical perspective is good for teens, parents, and youth workers.

9. Encourage opportunities for girls and guys to talk about the issue in gender-exclusive settings. Having opposite sex classes for the discussion sometimes makes it easier to discuss issues such as the changes both men and women face in puberty.
10. Don’t wait to have the talk! Sex, pornography, masturbation, and more are grappling for the hearts of our teenagers. You need to bring this issue front and center-NOW!

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