Thursday, September 02, 2010

Top Ten Things for Emergency Purposes in Ministry

10. Batteries: Extra batteries for that remote, clicker, wireless microphone. Invest in a recharger as well.

9. Flash drive or backup plan for your computer. Backup all your files. Daily. Do it. Invest in a flash drive to never lose those pictures, files etc.

8. AAA. It is not if your vehicle or the Church van breaks down but when. Roadside assistance and towing comes in handy.

7. First Aid kit. Always have one nearby. Cuts, bruises, and blood aren’t easy to deal with without one.

6. Back-up lessons, sermons. What happens when the teacher is late or is sick at the last minute? Have an emergency plan? What about if your Preacher is sick – especially during the service (Be prepared to preach)

5. Liability/ Health/ Permission Forms. Sure it is just paper but with contact information and medical information it comes in handy when you are going on a trip. Make sure you use one for every trip? Why? (Can’t I just do an annual one and be done? That’s the lazy man’s way) Here is the important reason why … Communication. You give the criteria to parents – they give you the contact information. In our high tech world of cell phones – phone numbers change all the time – so an annual permission slip might be more dangerous, and misunderstanding.

4. Cell phone. Your office is mobile. Be ready to be reached and communicate with those that might need you.

3. Change of clothes. In your car or the office. You never know when you might have a baptism, or some students might think that prank to get you wet or dirty might actually be funny. Having a change of clothes nearby comes in handy.

2. Pen and Paper. Forget who that visitor is in your church today? Write it down? Some tell you something in between services and you can’t remember – write it down. Having a pen nearby and jotting down some notes has saved me time.

1. Jesus. Sure the Sunday School answer, but take Jesus with you at all times, even especially in emergencies. Be Jesus’ hands and feet to people. You might be the only Jesus people see. If it is ministering to someone dying, someone griefing, or just in the Mountain Top experiences – Be Jesus to them. That is probably the best Emergency tool one can have.

Others? What would you recommend?

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