Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Solving the NHL Contract Crisis

So with the whole Ilya Kovalchuk contract situation
makes it interesting. Before another lock-out
in the NHL
. Which looks possible in 2012-13
(And you thought 2012 was just referencing the End Times?)

Here is what I would do with these ridiculous Salaries.

Which ones Luongo
are being looked at.

While they are at it; look at Hossa's, Pronger's, and Savard's.

No one really should make more than the faces of the NHL. Who are they? Alex and Sid
sorry but it is true. There might be other faces of the NHL (And we'll get into that)

Here is my solution for the CBA, Salary Cap etc.

I. Have a contract Cap.  10yrs. Max.  The years of ridiculous Salaries of Alexia Yashin
10 yr. 87 Million dollars is over. Also Rick Dipietro's salary
15 years 67Million.

II. Have a Franchise Tag for only 2 players on your team. This includes your Captain, and one player to be determined. With a Franchise tag - that player is guaranteed with Free Agency - 5-10yr. Extension.  If meets stats etc. A Salary up to $8 million a year. (Plus he becomes the face of the Franchise, markets it, etc. And gets other salary outside NHL due to endorsements and so forth - marketability)

III. With the Franchise Tag - there is certain players you associate with the Team.

Example: Sid - Pens; Alex - Caps; Brodeur - Devils; Canes - Staal; Hawks - Toews.

IV.  Moderation. There has to be a grievance process, and yet also some way of moderating value. Ones value may increase even locked-in for the contract but might be evaluated. And one's value may decrease (Similar way Dipietro and Yashin's value decreased - and yet due to injuries that weren't always forseen would hurt the team's salary cap, and competitive edge - which is always a chance one takes and thus have to draft well and re-invest to help compensate and rebuild)

V. The NHL and NHLPA need to start thinking the next CBA now. Start restructuring; start looking at if they want to do expansion. Look at the league as a whole. What teams are working? Which ones aren't? Sure we pick on some of the Southern teams (But I'm here to tell you that I know some of those Teams are very strong and in a strong market and others I question?)
VI. Start the PR process. The Winter Classic and Upcoming "Heritage Classic" (Feb 20th) and All-star Game in NC (Jan) is your chance to getting fans on board. They're with you, but question some of the antics - such as this handling of Free Agency  this summer. You need to qualify the whole Phoenix mess. People are still bitter about it. The problem is either the owners or lots are blaming the Commish. Tell people what are the standards being an NHL owner, and why others (Mainly Jim Balsillie).

VII. Come Clean. Answer Questions directly. Fans want the honest truth. Are you really thinking about team expansion or is it all smoke and mirrors? KC? Vegas? Winnipeg? Quebec? Is Hamilton possible or a second team in Toronto? (Sure there are legal issues but I'm sure you looked in the possibility and market there .... or do you not care about the $$$? What teams might have to move if they don't improve financially, attendance wise? Afterall you can't keep a team barely floating above water with no where to swim. Fans have questions. We desire answers. Actually we demand answers because it is the sport we love, and  support.

I don't expect to hear from the NHL on this. Fact is they probably won't even see this post.  I've always dreamed of being a Zamboni driver or even for a day a Chaplain for the NHL ....

What are your thoughts for solving some of the NHL's problems? I'm just glad that some of our players didn't host a prime time special on TV to embarrass a city to go to another town because they use to be the franchise player of that town. See Lebron James

Or That the Great One
retired and came back and retired again. (I think no one can fault Michael Jordan but the first time - when he retired from the Bulls was when I considered him retiring). Or not making up your mind like Football great Brett Favre.


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