Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mosque at Ground Zero controvery

I recently was asked about this and here are some thoughts I had.

Actually there are several ramifications of this issue.

I. It isn't being built at Ground Zero. Let's get that straight first. I've been to Ground Zero just days after 9-11; and so know some of the area.

II. I think if we get upset at this - what other things should we stop in the name of Religious Freedom - Let's not build churches certain places ... I think it takes us down a road I don't wish to see but am seeing like: when people say you're not allowed to pray in Jesus' name.

III. Sure it is a spiritual battle - but why are we so surprised that sinners do what sinners do?

IV. Muslims are not the enemy. Sorry - they're not. They are lost sinners that need Jesus as well. Would we be upset if this was an atheist's gathering place, how about wicca? How about? I know many things have been done harmful in the name of Islam - and various sects of Islam - much like Christianity. (Might see the series Christian Perspectives on the World of Islam). Yes - 9-11 was when WE were attacked. (And we should never forget but also recognize there is a Bigger issue here that hasn't been addressed - this isn't about Ground Zero or not ...(Though the Conservative Talk heads would like to seem it is) it is a spiritual battle we are on. (BTW the mosque being built is several blocks away from Ground Zero) And there is already a mosque there. Islam as a religion is a false religion. Sure. We need to take a stand on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Preach the Word. In season, and out of season.

Some have said the analogy would be like Stopping the Building of a church near OKC bombings because Timothy McVeigh subscribed to some of the views of the extremist Christianity Movement.

There is more to this than meets the eye I think. We're in a spiritual battle not just over where buildings can be built or not built but over souls. This is one battle I'm not willing to draw a line in the sand over ... too many Muslims and non-Muslims alike are dying without knowing the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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