Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to Recruit Volunteers.

As our church is looking to re-focus on our own children’s ministry. Here is some suggestions for volunteers.

I. Enlist volunteers. See who is available. You don’t want just a warm body, but you do need people. So what are the qualifications? Here are some we use:

A. Been a Christian for over 1 year.

B. Been part of our church body for a year.

C. Love God.

D. Love children.

E. If teaching must have ability to teach. (Sometimes we put people in a teaching role that is in the wrong seat on the wrong bus and has a spiritual gift to be used elsewhere)

II. Encourage Volunteers. Celebrate what volunteers do. Send them notes. Tell them thank you. Point out the things they do. (Sometimes I know I don’t do this enough)

III. Evaluate. Evaluate your volunteers. Are they happy? What tools do they need to be more effective? What worked well? What didn’t? How can we improve? In one of my ministries my volunteers were on a yearly contract. Once the year was up – they had the option to stay in that role or not? (Was stressful for me in the summer to recruit when the year followed the school calendar)

In all ministry is worth it – thanks to the great volunteers you get to work with.

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