Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Y - The Organization formerly known as "The YMCA"

So the Y is changing its name. Story here

Fact is - it left being the Young Men's Christian Association - long ago. The Y lately never had been a parachurch organization, nor a "Church" organization. Rather it is a fitness center focusing on youth. It left its spiritual aspect long ago. It might have some of the social, health, and youth but what makes it different than any other organization? Nothing. Fact is "Institutions" can't be Christian. Sorry they can't. Only the people that make up those institutions can. Thus things like Christian nations, Christian buildings, Christian colleges etc. are just things. The thing that makes something Christian is the people. There can be organizations and institutions that base their principles from the Bible and might be Christian in nature. Thus semantics when clarified as a "Christian" college.

The only thing that upsets me about the Y changing its name is what about the YMCA song now? Guess they will have to come up with the Y song.

We all know that the institution formerly known as the YMCA, left the Spiritual aspect of its foundation a long time ago. Good to see them finally acknowledge it.

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