Thursday, July 08, 2010

Rough Draft of a possible Children's Book called: Let's Go To Church.

Tell me what you think?

Let’s Go To Church.

Written by Gerrard Fess

Copyright 2010

Inspired by pi kids publications international, ltd. Let’s Go Series. (Airport, school, haircut, overnite adventure, bike riding, library, hospital, fire station, dentist, zoo)

Hi! My name is Roy. I work with a church. Would you like to go to church today?

A church building is a building where people gather to worship God. The people who gather or assembly together or called Christians or the “Church.” We have many ways to learn and teach people about God. There are many types of church buildings – some cathedrals, some are in storefronts, others meet in movie theaters.

As one comes upon the church building, you may see ushers pointing people where to park. There are also greeters to help you find your way around the facility. The greeters are usually at the front doors to point you to any visitors’ information, and when the service is to start.

As you enter a church building – there is usually a foyer with lots of information and knowing where to go is important. A greeters’ job is important. You may also see people headed in one direction – usually that is the main meeting area. This main meeting area is the auditorium. Some churches call it the “Sanctuary.”

As you enter the auditorium – you will see places to seat and there is a stage where the music and speaking will be.

People like to sing to God. It is a part of their worship to Him. They do this to show they love God. There will be some loud songs, some slower songs, and people clapping, and even people talking to God out loud, which is called prayer.

Those leading the music are called Worship leaders. Sometimes it will be a praise band. The praise band is made up of many singers and musicians. Some churches have only one song leader and maybe no instruments other than their voices. This is called acappella music.

In the midst of the service – there is a time of which is called offering. This is giving money to help the church with its expenses and supporting other good things the church does. This may include helping the poor, mission organizations, missionaries, as well as the church staff that is there.

There is also what is called the Lord’s Table. Some call this Eucharist. This is for those who believe in God and take the bread, and cup to remember Jesus. Sometimes this is called Communion and is on a table with the words: “Do this in Remembrance of Me.”

There is also a time of preaching. Preaching is what I do. Preaching is speaking on what God says in the Bible. The Bible is the book of which God gave for Christians to follow its instructions. A preacher is to encourage, convict, and help people become Christians or be better Christians in the world that they live. Usually the time of preaching, also called the sermon is about 30 minutes long.

After the service concludes – there is a time of invitation. This is a time where people can turn to God, pray to Him, or be part of the Church Family there.

After the services you are ready to leave. There are many opportunities to serve in the Church. This may include: Children’s, Youth, Adult ministries, service projects, missions trips and so forth. Christians are called to love God and love others. I hope to see you again.

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