Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Painful Side of Leadership (Book Review)

I just finished reading this book over vacation. A great book on the practical aspect of leading as church leaders and the problems you will face. Not that you might face, or you could face, but you will face.
The author points out several area - some which hit home for me. Such as resolving my own mistakes. Coping with loneliness, dealing with criticism, and leading a significant change. Those were just some of the 15 chapters. Understanding Significant Change is one that I'm currently dealing with and the questions asked were good ones.

From page 225

1. If we fulfill the Great Commission in our community what would it look like? (Something we're currently asking)

2. If another fifty, on hundred or one thousand people joined our church, what would have to change to meet their needs?

3. When we celebrate our anniversary, what accomplishments you dream our organization will celebrate that day? (We just passed 25yrs)

4.Suppose our church didn't exist. You were given the money and power to start over. What would it be like?

Good questions to ask. Some of the ones we're currently asking. Evaluating our programs, tools we use, and how to be better stewards of what God has given us.

Jeff Iorg gives a glimpse that there is a painful side to leadership and gives hope that the rewards and benefits are there. Hang in there. Don't quit. Lead on. Life is an adventure, and leading through pain is rewarding and helps one grow stronger.

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Melissa said...

I definately enjoyed reading this posting, and the main reason being that it is real. Many times I have found that books or leaders choose to avoid "exposing" the hard parts of leadership. I think usless we do, people will be dissapointed. It is just a reality in leadership, it will not be easy. But, like you said, will be immensly rewarding!

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