Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 20 Youth Ministry Twitter Accounts of 2010

Influenced by Adam McLane's Top 20 Bloggers of 2010
Here is a List of people who are on twitter - who have a passion for youth ministry that you should be following. Their tweeting in small status messages bring about thought provoking messages for the youth ministry world as a whole. This list is subject to change, and is only based upon my own opinion.

1. @mclanea - He's the Social Media Guru at Youth Specialties.

2. @MatthewMcNutt - Currently in the trenches of Youth Ministry. Also appeared on the Biggest Loser and one who has a wealth of knowledge on youth ministry.

3. @adamwc - Adam has been on the radar of YM for some time. Short and simple.

4. @studentpastor - Joe Donahue's story of redemption and inspiration and how God is currently using him in ministry is great.

5. @brooklynlindsey - A view from a female youthworker, parent, and friend of God.

6. @rethinkingyouth - great insights

7. @tashmcgill - Tash definitely knows her tweets.

8. @gregstier - of Dare2share fame.

9. @LarsRood - Youth Worker with passion for God.

10. @YWJournal - Youthworker Journal.

11. @timschmoyer - Tim's live YM and YM questions - helps one in practical ways.

12. @MarkMatlock - of Planet Wisdom.

13. @riddlegroup - Mark Riddle brings some insightful tweets to make one think.

14. @dougfields - former Saddleback Teaching Pastor and of Simply YM fame.

15. @ymtoday - great organization.

16. @YS_Scoop - Youth Specialties' twitter account.

17. @YW_Scoop - Youthworks' twittter account.

18. @drjimburns - Jim Burns.

19. @YPBrianFord - Brian is a Director of a Youth Camp in PA.

20. @embracinggrace - A new twitter account I came across ... of which had some great things.

Who would you add? Subtract?  Any others to suggest or follow?


Melissa said...

I have no additional suggesttions to add to your list, but I would like to say that I appreciate you posting this. It is always very helpful to get additional perspectives on additional people who you can follow and gain perspective from. I like that you care to post items like this one.

Shawn Michael Shoup said...

Thanks for the post. Here's a few others I'd add: - love his passion and spirit - I really resonate with Doug's writing and message style - one of my fave student minstry bloggers - more of a local Midwestern guy, but a great leader with many practical ideas and concepts for ministry - writes numerous and great articles for student ministry - moderator and editor for YS and all-around great person - for the technically minded youth worker (great stuff!) - challenging and full of heart - his energy and enthusiasm is contagious - another youth ministry blogger, passionate about her parachurch ministry to teens - student ministry leader from Group Publishing department - great resource for youth groups looking for dramatic/sketch tools and resources - founder of Interlinc resource - founder of AIM

Those were the ones that I initially thought of... many more great student ministry tweeps to follow here:

Anonymous said...


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