Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Silly Bandz Craze

Seems Silly Bands have been banned at some schools Article here

I didn't even know about Silly Bands until the last week of School?

Comments from my own children - they were told if you didn't have any silly bands - you were too poor. So what did I do? Got them silly bandz
. (I know I didn't want my child being an outcast and well probably as a parent should of explained the whole US vs. Them concept but I'm also a softie)

So what do I think of this latest fad? Just that a fad. Though it is weird they have different numbers, shapes, and teams. They have music ones and now even "Religion" ones. (Which I picked up) What do you think?

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Melissa said...

Oh Silly Bands... Also in the last week of school, my two younger sisters came home with their very own Silly Bands which friends had given them. I think they began innocent enough. My sisters told me they were just a fun fad at school, it didn't mean much, but just served as something to keep your mind on when you were bored. I don't see any harm in them, unless they increase in significance. But, I think also with school being out kids will forget about the Silly Bands when school starts again.

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