Monday, June 21, 2010

Ode to Yellow

Yellow Damper Fess. Died: June 18, 2010. The kids and I were having a Water gun fight outside (Think Steve Martin with the water guns on the roof in the movie Parenthood) when I got the weird.

 So the kids all drew pictures, said their good-byes and we had a funeral. Yellow was placed in a shoebox and we buried him. Kendra said the eulogy. Brian prayed. Nicole Cried. And I was just stunned and buried our 2nd pet. Our cat, Pepe, we had for over 9yrs we had to give away due to our move to Maryland.

Yellow was a good rodent. Right now the house is quiet. The wheel has stopped turning and the good thing is my son now is trying to raise Tadpoles.

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