Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Religion Saves - + Nine other misconceptions. Book Review.

I just finished reading this book by Mark Driscoll. I like some of Driscoll's books. He comes straight to the point and this book is one of them.
He discusses Nine questions (From a sermon series) that were asked most often about church, life, and what the Bible says about that. Most of the questions and reasons can be somewhat controversial but very insightful. Theologically I would differ with Driscoll in his Reformed - Calvinistic theology and other theological implications.

One of the Greatest things about Driscoll's book actually is about "Emerging Church" and how he just simplifies the concepts and misconceptions. Though sometimes simplifying - things tend to get misunderstood or mislabelled in the process. An insightful text which even if you don't agree with all of Driscoll's conclusions - gives some food for thought on why you believe in what you believe in. My struggles where his on salvation, predestination.  (Remember he is more Reformed theologically)


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