Friday, May 28, 2010

My Ordination: 15 years Ago.

15 years ago I was a young naive, zealous young minister - wanting to be ordained.
My Home church ordained me May 28, 1995.  8 Church leaders from that congregation participated along with 2 others from Ohio.

As I reflect on the past 15 yrs: With 5 different locations; several funerals; 3 weddings; lots of baptisms; one marriage; 3 children .... What would I do differently? 

I think I would admit my weakenesses.

I would pray more.

I would be myself more. (There were times ministry was like walking on eggshells)

I would laugh.

I would thank those I worked with more.

Do I regret? Sure. Do I look back? Sure. But am I glad where God has me? You bet.

I look back at my life and how God has molded me and still isn't done; and think; what a ride ...with much more in store.

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