Friday, May 14, 2010

My April – May 2010 Reading list.

Currently I’ve been reading several books. Here is a glimpse into several I just finished.

I. Taking Your Church to the Next Level. What Got you here, won’t get you there. By Gary L. McIntosh. Baker Books. 2009.

Fact was this was recommended to me to read. Another fact was I really hated reading this book? Why? Not because of the practicality of it, just it spoke volumes to my situation. It talked about the different barriers, and getting your church to the next level. Something I’m praying and seeking God about with the rest of our church body.

II. The second book I read was: The Gospel According to Peanuts. By Robert L. Short. Bantam Books. Reprint. 1965 edition. This book looked good at first, but took me no time to read. It was rather too simplistic look into the Peanuts gang and Schultz theology. If I were you skip the book … buy the Peanut comic strips instead. I think one can be articulate enough to read into the Gospel according to whoever by reading the source first, and then forming one’s opinion. I think Short tries to read into too much of the Peanuts gang and takes away some of the animation skills of the late Charles Schultz.

III. God is closer than you think. By John Ortberg. Zondervan. 2005. This short almost devotional book has you look for places God might be working in your life. The author uses some great modern analogies – fits some principles from scripture and talks about How God is with us. A good real deal relationship, not meant to be an abstract theological concept book. The author tends to be very laid back and down to earth with his approach to how God interacts with His people.

IV. Currently I’m reading “Religion Saves” and Nine other Misconceptions by Mark Driscoll.

V. Two other projects I’m working on: Finding new discipleship material: Reviewing NAVpress’s Growing Strong in God’s Family resource. Which looks good for discipleship.

Secondly writing a small kids publication based upon the 2008 Publications Int’l kids series “Let’s Go” They have Let’s Go to the airport, hospital, dentist, get a haircut, but nothing about going to Jesus or Church. (Work in progress). I’ll blog about it when I can.

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Let us know what you think of Growing Strong in God's Family, part of the Revised 2.7 series.

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