Friday, April 09, 2010

Post-Resurrection Lord's Day Thoughts

Otherwise known as Easter. This week has been busy with meetings. We're actually hosting a Women's Ministry event tonite at our facility with local churches planning on coming.

Here are my thoughts:

I. Loved the Sunrise Service. Short and sweet. I'd say over 50% of our attendees came out before 7am.

II. Breakfast, and the Praise and Worship were Great!

III. Was glad to see we had to open the overflow room.

IV. I love preaching. I tend to ramble... but was great the preach the good news about Jesus Dying for You!

V. Can't wait to do it again this Sunday. Afterall, every Sunday is Resurrection Lord's Day. We celebrate that Jesus did indeed Rise from the grave and is coming again.

VI. This Sunday is Scout Sunday. So lots of work to do behind the scenes. Great things going on. Also have my short term missions trip just weeks away. Pray for me. Have a good weekend.

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