Friday, April 23, 2010

I Need a Person like .... who Taught me .....

So I've been thinking about some of the past people who I've encountered over the years and what they have taught me. Here are a few highlights. (sorry if I've missed your name ... I know you taught me a thing or two along life's journey as well)

I need a person like .......            Who taught me ....

Dave Wallace                              Serving
Shari                                            Children's Ministry
Sandy B.                                       About being organized
Penny                                            About loving students
Alice Christy                               Encouragement
93yr old Marie Ward                   Being a prayer warrior/ Pie baker.
Carl Christy                                 Compassion
Fred Gurney                                 Leadership
Access Teens                                Worship
Jason                                             Missions
Dan R.                                           love for God's Word
Church Leaders (I've worked with)      Patience and understanding
Wife                                                Family
My Children                                           Importance of Mentorship
Dan                                                  Stewardship
Home Church                                   Appreciation/ Honor
School                                              Respect/Adoration
Jesus                                                 Grace and Forgiveness
You                                                 (Being on the journey together we call life and faith)      

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