Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Email, and My Response.

Below is an email I received today and my response.

Dear Mr. Figure it all Guy.

I'm writing you because I think you should not be concerned. I am
already involved in a network that also has its own level of impact
and growth. They have done everything to get me involved and to grow
and the church as well. In fact they have a 100% Money back guarantee
too. You see it doesn't cost me anything but everything. They invest
time and energy and as well as we live life together and meet face to
face monthly.

Frankly, I'm puzzled that you cannot take NO, or that not everyone can
or is willing to be coached just by you.

I'm probably not being that Hard on you, but should be. You see I
don't believe on just marketing tools or someone who has it all
figured out but depending more and more on God. The Kingdom of God is
bigger than anyone person. For that I appreciate your prayers.

Serving Jesus,

Gerrard R. Fess


Dear Gerrard,

I'm writing because I'm wondering if I should be concerned or not.

For the last three months you've been hearing about my Senior Pastors Tele-Coaching Network that begins NEXT WEEK on Thursday, Feb 18. This network is all about helping you and your church go to the next level of growth and impact.

I've done everything I can to tell you about this network . . . I've sent you several packages and postcards in the mail. . . I sent you the unedited testimonies from those who just completed the network . . . I've offered a week of free Growth Barriers training so you could get a sense of how impactful coaching can be. . .plus several other email invitations for you to apply.

. . . but I still don't see your name on the application list . . . and I've only got a few spots left!

Frankly, I find that puzzling.

Look, if you are interested in seeing your church grow and your leadership ability increase, I urge you to apply right now.

. . . stop whatever you are doing and go to this Web site, download and
complete the application:

Listen, the average participant in last years network saw 30% growth in their weekend attendance! I am blown away! While I can't promise this kind of growth for your church, it is possible. I've seen it first hand.

In addition, the average pastor tells me the network fully pays for itself within four to six months so the financial investment in minimal compared to the return you will experience.

. . . even more, I offer a full no-hassle 100% money back guarantee anytime
before the fourth network session so there's no risk to give it a try.

Since 2004, I've personally coached over 600 pastors (you can read some of their testimonies at the link above) and I've probably talked to 600 more who drug their feet or shook their head and refused to join or even apply for one of my networks because of one lame brained excuse or another.

Believe me, I've heard it all:

I would join your coaching network IF . . .

If it was on a different day . . .

If it didn't require a 12 month commitment . . .

If it was at a different time . . .

If it was in my town . . .

If it wasn't a long distance call . . .

If it was half the investment price . . .

If you offered me a scholarship . . .

If the application was online . . .

If things were better between me and my elders/deacons/staff/wife or dog!

If . . .If . . .If . . . NOW is not the time for if's! Now is the time for action.

Trust me, you'll thank me later for being so hard on you.

Don't miss out.

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