Saturday, February 06, 2010

Church Snow Policy!

This is getting ridiculous. The Canadian in me is loving this snow, but why on the weekends! Driving the minister in me crazy!

Here's our snow plan at CCHMD: we don't cancel church. Even if it's the worst storm in history! We're gonna have church no matter the snow total. Obviously, we don't want anybody to endanger themselves. But we're planning on holding services unless the roads are closed.

Stay tuned and spread the word. Check our Facebook Fan page for updates (!/pages/Church-of-Christ-at-Hagerstown/86047452244?ref=ts ) or email for updates!

1 comment:

WKen said...


I've sometimes wondered how Christians in China, North Korea, Iran, or other places in the world would react to finding out that Americans cancel church because of snow.

They gather to worship with men looking for them to arrest and possibly execute them.

We cancel because of bad weather.

We're really lame.

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