Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Theology of McDonalds.

"Good Time Great Taste"

"I'm loving it!"

"You Deserve a break today"

So yesterday we went to the Fancy Golden Arches Restaurant for my son's birthday.

What if church were more like McDonalds?

Treating people like they were First?

The problem with Church, is we do a lot of comparisons to it being a Business.

We, (Myself included), treat church as Consumers, rather than Contributers.

We want it our way, right away rather than viewing church as something we give ourselves to.

The congregation I serve is currently "Too big to be small, but too small to be big." We're at the point where we can't do everything (Nor should we) yet people complain and compare us to MR.MEGA Walmart Church. (I tend to and am hard on myself and sometimes my own strongest critic)

Back to McDonalds, It seems to me that this restaurant puts on a good front. A good face, and sometimes a good product. The problem is it isn't really of substance. It gets old fast. People goto McDonalds because they want fast food. (Notice I didn't say good food) It lacks sometimes in the overall. People go to McDonalds because they want that type of food (which isn't bad but have it everyday and it gets old fast).

I, almost, see this with churches too. They may serve a good front. Put on a good product. But ultimately lack in the quality. They may do everything. But in order to do everything they forget the main thing. Sometimes I think the better churches don't do so many programs but focus on what they do well .... to do that better. Having Vision. Having Focus.

McDonalds tends to do that. They need to get back to that. They serve hamburger and fries and a coke well. These other items get them "Beyond" what they do well.

We, as the church, need to be in Discipleship making. Focusing on loving God and loving others. All the other stuff is just fluff.

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