Monday, January 04, 2010

A Man Named Bible!

So Yesterday during my sermon I mentioned about a man named Bible. You see, I was visiting a family last week, and an 18 mth old boy was trying to grasp people's name. One such young man, (Jake is His real name) tried to teach the boy the name the item He was holding was a Bible. The boy thought Jake was pointing to himself and thus assumed the man's name was Bible. And so the name stuck.

I got to see this young man call his new friend, Bible. He was like, "Where's Bible?" "I want Bible." And would get upset when he didn't see his friend.

Which I brought up this in my sermon. How would you like to be named by someone: "God's Word." Talk about living up to high standards. To be Holy. To be living, active, breathing, walking scriptures and sermons in Shoes. In other Words; being the Hands and Feet of Jesus to others. Just like, Jake, who is the Bible to this 18mth old young child; so shall we be living and active Sermons and "Bibles" to the people around us.

Let's start be Going out and making Disciples. Let's Go and do the Work God has called us to.

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