Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haitian Earthquake Response

Haitian Earthquake Response From Christian Standard Email I got.

Sketchy reports are available from Christian church mission works in Haiti in the wake of the severe earthquake whose epicenter was southwest of Port-au-Prince yesterday at 4:53 p.m.

Larry Sims, field services manager with International Disaster Emergency Services (IDES) in Kempton, Indiana, reported on contacts already made with Lifeline Christian Mission
in Grand Goave, Living Water Christian Mission in Gonaives, and Christian Mission of South Haiti.

The Lifeline mission's Web site includes updates from a team of 58 women who were on a mission trip there when the quake happened. The report includes news of medical emergencies, a sleepless night, and unstable food and water supplies. "We don't have supplies to treat all the people here. They are coming in large numbers with broken limbs and severe wounds. The Grand Goave Hospital collapsed."

IDES had previously shipped two food containers to Lifeline (each container loaded with 260,000 meals). Although these were designated for general hunger relief, now they will provide emergency food for those suffering from the disaster.

According to Sims, reports from the Living Water mission indicate that many houses have been destroyed, but the situation is not as dire as at Lifeline. The same is true with the Christian Mission of South Haiti, although they have not been able to reach anyone from a satellite church in Port-au-Prince.

Gary Finley, IDES director of development, said, "We anticipate we'll be working with multiple partners in Haiti."

Gifts designated "Haiti" will be used 100 percent to bring relief wherever possible in this crisis.

BTW Here is IDES'site


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