Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ever wonder Why?

I get that alot.

Why is God allowing this or that?

Why is this happening to me?

Why is this happening to the Church?


I get that alot. Rather God gets that alot. He does. There are WHY questions throughout the Bible. Why is there is evil? Why can't I eat of that fruit (I'll show you God)? Why, what? I'm going to be a father (Sara in the background - you gotta to be kidding, right?), asks Abram.

'Why God did you chose me to speak for you?' asks Moses. "Why is this happening?" asks Job.

"Why didn't you destroy those people,?" complains Jonah.

"Why use me,?" asks Mary.

"Why, Saul, are you persecuting me?" asks Jesus.

The only person that doesn't seem to ask "Why" of God is Jesus. Jesus, is like I'm doing my Father's will. Doing my Father's Will. Not His will, but thine. Man, my prayer is that God's will be done.

I've asked my share of "Why" questions. Why is there evil, death, grieving, why does this that or pain? The more I ask the more God's reply is similar to the one He gives to Job. I'm God, you are not. I don't have to tell you. For me, I've struggled with that for the longest time. For now I am fine with going beyond the toddler stage of the "Why" questions, to the "What's next?", God. How about you?

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