Thursday, December 10, 2009

Budget Woes!!

It is that time of year. Looking at the budget for 2010. Alot of churches have budget woes. The interesting thing is I'm not worried. Sure there is alittle worry but God will provide. I don't think I've ever been part of a congregation that didn't have some sort of budget woes or need more funds to do ministry.

I remember a few years at Cary where we had a bare bones budget. Frozen spending. And no increases.

As I look at the budget I only see God's handywork. He is the One working.

When I first came to this ministry - the roof need repairs and we knew it would be lots of money. Well, interesting is God provided for our roof, van repairs, digital piano, digital sign and even more. This is close to $40 000 over our regular budget given in less than a year and a half. We took a special offering to give to Missions and thousands given. God has provided.

I've been praying lately. (Actually alot about this) If everyone would just tithe we'd make our budget ... 3 times over. Then if everyone just increased their giving by $10/ wk we'd be ok as well.

Ultimately this is all in God's hands. He owns everything. I'm excited why? Because God has given us a challenge. A Goliath sized task in which we can be David but only give credit to God. We can't do this on our own. So as we enter 2010 - we're being realistic but also taking that step of faith. How about you?

How is your church budget? How is your giving? I've seen alot of churches hurting this year and even had to let staff go etc. My prayer is that we trust in the ONE who owns everything to provide.

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