Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Savior, Our Friend Poem

A few weeks ago, one of our young men shared a poem he wrote for his communion mediation and I (with his permission) wanted to share it with you.

Our Savior, Our Friend

by Eddie Dorsey Jr Jr

Copyright (c) 2009.

Three nails and one cross
You knew the plan when you came to this earth in swaddling clothe
You made the blind to see, the dumb to talk
The deaf to hear, the lame to walk
Your trade was a carpenter, but you were really a fisher of man
You walked with me, carried me when i needed i; thats why there
is only one pair of footprints in the sand
You told parables and walked on water
You were part man, part our Father
You were our sacrifice, our perfect Lamb
And You are the son of The Great I Am
He was handed to us because Pilate could no fault
But unlike Pilate we were not going to let him walk
We killed our friend, We killer our Savior
He could have called angels but he died for us, He did a favor
So take your bread, your juice, our emblems
Because we are commanded to do this in remembrance
Cause without Him, we would be in Hells Prison
He died, shed blood, bit more importantly He is risen!

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Nathanael said...

Nice blog....!!! I really like your post. Thanks for sharing.

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