Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BRBPDYM - Big Red Ball Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

It all started out as a discussion on what it means to be purpose driven and ministering to those in the post-modern era about 12 years ago.

Online there wasn't message boards or forums as much as listservs. Email lists and debates and discussions. Youth Specialties had this one listserv started by Mike A of Mikey's Funnies. (Later would become YMExchange) So as the discussion came about, one person suggest all we need is a Big Red Ball. A Big Red ball? Yeah, Big Red Ball Purpose Driven Youth Ministry. It wasn't so much the tool but on the relationship.

Bouncing the ball back and forth and asking the students how they were. Genuinely interested. Actively listening and then bounce, bounce. It was more of a tool, and a way to say "All the gimmicks of the world aren't worth it unless you are willing to love God and love those students."

Sometimes as I reflect back ... I think we need a BRBPDC - Big Red Ball Purpose Driven Church. A Church that actively listens - prays, helps, heals, and seeks God. In other words, just being the church to people. Loving God and loving others.

Are you with me?

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