Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Books I've been Reading and On my "To read" list

I love to read. And here is an insight into some books I've recently read.

I. The 10 Dumbest Things Christians Do. - Mark Atteberry. A short book on some things that we do that might do more harm than good for the Kingdom.

II. Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing - Geoff Surratt. Honestly I couldn't put this book down. Too true ... and I've done some of them.

III. The Unofficial Church Staff Manual - Mark Riddle. (YP edition). A Good read into tools to help youth ministers' jobs go a little bit smoother.

IV. The Unlikely Disciple - Kevin Roose. An interesting insight of how a sinner attends a strict University in Liberty. Very insightful for a Christian to know what sometimes how non-believers think.

V. The Voice - NT copy - Thomas Nelson. Seems to be an interesting take on The Message and sometimes articulated even better. Looking forward to when the whole Bible is done in this format.

VI. Fresh Start - Doug Fields. Took me some time to read the nuggets in this volume. Doug seems to take to heart his words as he is beginning a Fresh Start in life by resigning is ministry at Saddleback. Should be one to watch.

VII. Church Administration - Robert Welch. Not a bad volume. after 200 pages of this 375 page book ... I had to lay it down. (Honestly it was beating me to death - there is good stuff in there just not the best articulated - reads more like a manual not a one sitting read book ... good stuff which I'm applying but alot to chew on would be an ongoing read)

ON My "To READ" list:

I. "Think Orange" Reggie Joiner- started to read but had other projects - will revisit soon.

II. Simple Student Ministry - Eric Geiger/ Jeff Borton - currently reading.

III. Servolution - Dino Rizzo.

IV. Walking with God - John Eldredge

V. The Justice Project.

VI. Get in the Game - Tony Evans & Jonathon Evans.

What are you reading?

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