Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wussification of God's People: The 3 Bs.

We, as the Church, sometimes get our focus wrong. Don't worry, it happens. Our focus sometimes ends up on the tools rather than the Toolmaker. Sometimes we focus on 3 Bs in ministry - Buildings, Bodies, and Budgets.

Are these 3 Bs bad? No. But if that is the only focus of your ministry, you are missing the point, or rather nothing more than a social club or business rather than focusing on Jesus.

You see Buildings can be a tool for leading people to Jesus but shouldn't be the sole focus.

Bodies are important as well. Souls are valuable and we are to Go and make disciples. And numbers for numbers' sake doesn't do anyone any good. It is about transformation and helping people be disciples, of well, Jesus.

What about the budget? Well the focus doesn't need to be solely on budgets - otherwise you drive yourself crazy. Are we to be good stewards with what God has given us? Sure. The focus isn't on these 3 things but on Jesus. Can these 3Bs help you in focusing on Jesus? sure. But in and of themselves should not replace nor compete with that of Simply Being the Church God has called us to be.

So how has this been the wussification of God's people? Well we focus on these 3Bs so much that it takes the focus off of Jesus and His Bride. Let's get back on task. We can use these tools, but recognize what they are: tools and not the Chief Focus.

How about you? do you focus on the 3Bs? worry about them? Taking your focus off Christ?

I know I have at times.

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Red Letter Believers said...

Gerrard....we are so possessed with the things of this world. We look at these "three Bs" as hinderances. Our God becomes constrained by our own limitations.


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