Friday, October 02, 2009

Lost and Found Here

Here is a Message I got from Lost and Found ... You can order there CD Here

Hey Everybody!

Our new CD is Here. You may have received an email from us about Something Different in the past, but the current note is to let you know that our new CD is Here. We had great intentions a couple of years ago to send a note about our last CD Pronto, once it was available, but time passed and it did not seem so urgent after a bit.

Now, however, with our new CD Here for you to listen to--and for you to print out the pdfs on the disc with lyrics and chords so you can play the songs yourself--we thought it time to send a note to Everybody.

We hope you will get the new CD Here. LOST AND FOUND And, we hope you will come to a concert and request some of the songs after you have heard them. We hope you will print the lyrics and chords and play the songs yourself.

Here, finally, is a CD with songs that can be used. Once you hear the songs, you'll see what we mean. Sure, the songs can be just listened to--and if your tastes fall anywhere within the range between The Ramones and John Denver, we think you'll like them--but they are songs meant to be sung and played, performed before a live audience.

We hope to see you at a concert soon; but in the meantime, Here’s to you,

Michael and George

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