Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The 3Ms

The seems to be 3Ms to those serving in Ministry.

I. Ministering. Know you are not alone. Ministering to people isn't easy. It is part of the discipleship process. Taking people to where they are, to where they need to be. On the journey. Ministering takes effort, time, and patience.

II. Multiplying. It is about making more disciples and better disciples. Does it happen over night? Nope. It is equipping those who have ministered to - to continue to minister to others. They are to be equipped and be discipling others as well.

III. Mobilizing. It is about pooling our resources. Seeing what we can use to help others to continually be ministering and multiplying. Giving them hope and encouragement. Imagine if some of our larger churches - helped the smaller - or some of our smaller churches helped each other out? How much more would this benefit the we are in this together and the Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church.

I see this as Jesus taught his disciples to minister, they multipled and mobilized the resources they had. Just like Paul had Timothy .... We also need that Barnabus in our lives to encourage us.


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