Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Would God say to Donald Trump?

I've always wondered about Donald Trump
and might have to do a sermon on What would God say to Donald Trump. I would love to have just 20 minutes with the Donald. Why? Not to discuss - money, power, and the such but about spirituality.

Trump brings controversy. He is so much a icon and a part of culture.

From Trump Versus Rosie

Trump Versus Vince.

to controversy in his pageants to his show: The Apprentice.

I actually enjoyed the Show
this season. One of the only shows I saw besides 24, and Heroes.

And of course the Recent Controversy

So what Tough Questions would you have for the Donald? What do you think God would say to him?

1 comment:

Gerald said...

Well, we know if he doesn't answer one question right, He'd be fired lol. "What do you think about my Son?"

I've watched all of the Apprentices and enjoy each of them. I like the Don, but as with all people, I pray He'd know Christ.

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