Friday, May 29, 2009

Confession Friday - Things I struggle with.

Thanks to Amy
I'd thought I'd write on 3 things I struggle with and perhaps you do too!

Here they are in no particular order.

I. Pride. Sometimes I think myself better than others. Sometimes I can be really a jerk and not communicate, nor be the best husband, father, minister, teacher, preacher, sometimes I forget it isn't all about me - It is about God. None of this can be done on my own. I've been reading a lot of leadership books; but the interesting thing is a lot of these books seem to be saying that they are depending on themselves more than they are depending on God. Do this formula, or follow this pattern and presto chango and you have Instant Mega-Church. My pride tends to get the best of me.

II. Gluttony. Now I am trying to get in shape (Round is a shape, right??) but my struggle isn't just food. It would be simple if that was it; but it isn't. My struggle isn't really a food but a drink. It is an addiction. I admit it. And admitting is half the battle. You see I'm a Caffeine Addict. There I said it. I've really cut back though. I use to drink a 2 liter a day before 10am in the morning. Now it is just a bottle or a can a day. Mt. Dew Anon. might be good for me. Cutting cold turkey won't work. So it is a balance between my love of Mt. Dew and that of know other people struggle. I think sometimes "Preachers"(Pastors) point out the faults and sins of others because deep down they struggle with these issues of gluttony and yet never preach about that. They would rather preach against sexual sins than which that of which hits home.

III. Anger. Yeah, we all laugh at Adam Sandler in Anger Management but in some ways it is true. I need to regain my passion and love. I love ministry. I love my family. The problem is I put so much pressure and stress on myself. I want to do the best. Sometimes if I see injustice I fly off the handle. I love my family - and they see the best and worse of me and love me anyways. I just pray for patience. I've been doing better. One of the things though is having that righteous anger without losing it. I see so many people being taken advantage of, and well don't want the devil to get a foothold. I probably just need to find that outlet of being better with this.

So what are some struggles you are going through?

I'm so Thankful for the Grace of God and His forgiveness.

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