Friday, May 01, 2009

Advice for those dealing w/ Teen Sexuality.

Was given this situation earlier this week in an email.

What to do if a student has been caught having sex?

1. Talk with the girl in question. Re-assure her. Encourage.
Give examples of redemption. Things such as second virginity.

2. If the ex-boyfriend attends might discuss with him as well
with male leader.

3. Cut out the gossip. Some how the gossip train needs to stop.

4. When talking with the girl - an either OR approach ... she
talks with her parents or you; or both together. I think the
best approach is to be there for her and include the parents in
on what is going on. Think if this was your child; would you
want to know?

5. Right now don't make a Special meeting on TEEN sexuality that
seems to be out of the Norm ...this will only embarrass the
student and might drive them further away ...discuss even about second
virginity having one. That if you messed up ..there is
redemption and forgiveness and grace extended.

6. Resources like Becoming a Young woman of God; and What Almost
Nobody will tell you about Sex by Youth Specialties dot com is good.

I would listen, empathize, pray and if any thing offer
counseling and any other resources for her and her family, parents etc.

Teens and Sex isn't an easy issue to deal with but one that needs to be addressed in how one views purity and how God views it. Most importantly pray! Lift God up in all things.

Other thoughts or advice?


mindi said...

just a point of curiosity-the question was worded "a student" but your answers presumed the student was a girl.

i guess for me, it's really critical that both parties are treated and dealt with equally. i also think that as part of any sex curriculum that the topics of modesty, media response, and mutual respect are discussed.

Gman said...

Yeah. The student was female. So addressed it as such. My prayer both sexes get treated the same and use the resources for all out there!

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