Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ministry and Driving!

I've been thinking that those that serve in ministry and those who don't spend alot of time in our vehicles.

Here is thoughts I have had about helping our ministries as we drive.

1. Keep it simple. Maybe it is as simple as praying or listening to sermons.

2. Drive Slow. Give yourself extra time to get there. Going from point A to point B doesn't have to be spent going 80mph on the interstate. Afterall, the speed limit is there for a reason. (I need to be reminded of this myself)

3. Spend some time in silence. Turn off the radio. Just listen to the quiet. Sometimes I think having the radio etc on can be a distraction. I can't believe how I see people driving with cell phones, radios, food, and then other items. I, even, saw one person with a mp3 player in their ears while driving and thinking he had a razor as well.

Those extra few minutes of commuting are some good times spent enhancing your spiritual life and perhaps getting you ready for the day - spend them wisely in the ideas of Simple, Slow and Silence.

Thoughts? Other ideas?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good points well made. Thanks for the thought. I've sometimes try to listen to the quiet and its really good because manytimes God is trying to speak and we're too distracted. I'll start practising Simple, Slow and Silence. May God richly bless you

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