Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Will of God.

Someone Recently wrote the Following:

The will of God As the LAW of GOD
The Perfect will of God (eg. all men to be saved)
The Permissive will of God.

My Response:

I got thinking of these things and well the Will of God is perfect and Holy. And unfortunately the perfect will of God isn't for all men to be saved. (There I said it). It isn't His will. Would He like it? Sure. But unfortunately not everyone will nor does God predestine or chose or they choose to follow God. God is Holy. And because of Holiness and Judgment that God is love but also perfect in His Wrath as well. what was Jesus' mission? To do the will of His Father. What was that? God is so much into the Forgiveness Business that He sent Jesus to complete the law and to give us Grace.

We come up with cute little slogans like: "Hate the sin, not the sinner" but unfortunately it isn't true. God hates sinners. Can't stand to be in front of sin and thus if He loved Sinners we mock Jesus. Because if God loved sinners ...there would be no need for Jesus to come and be sacrificed to be an atonement for our sins.

But because God doesn't want us to stay sinners and to be cleansed and loves people not to be sinners .... He Sent Jesus. God loved the world ...It doesn't say For God so loved sinners; but God so loved the World .... the penalty for sin is just that death.

Now what is the Will of God? I think it is summed up in the LGLO principle ...The Greatest commandment to love God, love others.

We love God by worshiping, following Him. Doing what He says.
We love people by sharing, giving, serving.

So often we ask what is God's will for me? The problem is the focus is on "ME" Instead we should ask "What would God have me to do?" - Be where God is doing something and using you.

So basically God's Will is Holy, Can be followed, and sometimes changed. (the Holy Spirit groans on our behalf)

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