Monday, August 11, 2008

The Wussification of Man

This past Sunday I spoke on the discipline of submission. Alot of my talk focused on men being men. That there isn't a Nice Guy in the Bible. Jesus was meek, but not weak. There tends to be this wussy, wimpy, dopey, stupid DAD complex that is emulated by our culture and society. We have guys like Homer, Everyone Loves Raymond, and so forth to Thank for that.

What we need are godly, Christian, men that will do what is right no matter what.

Even Jack Baurer forsaked his own kids for his work. Kind of makes me want Chuck Norris to have children. I mean really where are the Christian men role models??

Seems to be something that is lacking in our movies, TV, and even other sources of media.

Let's get away from this wussifcation of Man and focus on the how men can be godly and be the Men of God ...that God has called them to be.

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Anonymous said...

Totally true about what we see on tv and in the media...stupid dads seem to be the rule. But I think we let ourselves be seen as stupid in real life, that we accept society's take on us. Even in commercials we see wimpy, stupid men and smart women who put up with them. Try to reverse that and there'd be lawsuits.

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