Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Being Authentic

A good Reminder
that as a church leader, our lives are not our own.

We belong to Jesus and are the Hands and Feet of Him at all times.

Sure, we're messy. Sure we are broken. And sure we as leaders struggle with sin. The issue is having boundaries, accountability, and integrity.

I can tell you that sometimes my own vocabulary needs to be cleaned up too. People can misunderstand or rather read into wording that sounds like you are cursing.

Phrases like "O Crap" and "Gosh" can be exchanged for other words in their usage.

So what's one to do?

Be the Leader God has called you to be. I've known many leaders that have fallen due to immorality. Some being restored, others still broken and needing their way back (Like the prodical son).

I had the chance about a year ago to ask one leader who seemed to have everything going for him - Big Church plant, hiring staff, worked with several mega churches to plant the congregation. (Everything we think of as successful on the outside) (Only this church leader almost lost it all due to an affair)

I asked what would be one thing to help me avoid the mistakes you made? Accountability? (HE said - nope ...he had that but just lied)

His answer: Know yourself. Know your weaknesses and try to avoid those areas to be tempted in.

Sometimes it scares me that one wrong move and I can lose it all.

But you know what excites me? The right moves ... working for the Kingdom of God, loving my family, the ministry I'm at - makes life all worth the efforts. Because it isn't about me but God working through me.

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