Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why I'm a Restoration Movement Minister!

I'm part of the Restoration Movement

has been a part of my heritage.

I went to a Christian Church
growing up.

My preacher Terry Tanner
was a great man of God - who influenced me.

My Alma Mater
was RM in and out!

And I like its plea
though some would disagree with the issue of baptism.

I believe we are save by grace, through faith, (We confess, repent), in baptism, unto good works.

And of course some of the best authors I've read out there go by the names:

Jack Cottrell, Denver Sizemore, Don DeWelt, Mark Moore (I do like Jeff Walling too)

Speakers: Bennett, Bousman, I always liked David and Ronnie Jones.

In my first ministry in Ohio, I never forgot meeting Clarence Mansfield and Ben Merold. Great mentors.

When I was in Indianapolis - it seemed all the churches were too busy and not alot going on ....except for the wisdom I gained from my friend, Guthrie Veech.

I moved to Virginia and well lots of great preachers all around there. Those preacher meetings were ones were they treated me with respect and I admired these guys being in ministry and what they were doing for the Kingdom.

In North Carolina - there was times where I felt alone - but God was there and still alot of influence from RM preachers like Phil Curry and gaining insight from the guys from the triangle and triad area.

I believe I'm RM because I believe in its tenants and its plea. We are to be people of the Word.

That's all I want to do is people to say of me: Gerrard was a follower of the Word.


Anonymous said...

I was "saved" in a restoration Christian church and received a great foundation in the Christian faith. I totally agree with what you have said here.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you knew Clarence Mansfield. He fills in for us occasionally. Good man. He lives about 1/2 hour from us.

Wayne aka Postman

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