Sunday, May 11, 2008

COUNSELING Sign of weakness or strength?

"Would you go?

Why is it in so many Christian circles counseling is seen as a weakness? This is true especially among ministers? Oh they are fine to give counsel to others but they would never dream of going for counseling themselves. So many pastors feel like it is a sign of weakness and fail to accept the fact they NEED counseling. Many take the false belief, "We are supposed to be super spiritual humans...faster than a speeding crisis and able to leap tall problems in a single bound." Bottom line the source for this kind of thinking is pride. Yes, good old pride. One of the sings God hates. It's pride that says, "I don't need help. I can fix it myself." It's pride that says, "I don't want anybody to know that I'm not perfect and I have problems." Who are you kidding? We all face problems in life and sometimes we need a hand to help pull us out of the hole we fell into."

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So is it a sign of weakness or strength? what are your thoughts?

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