Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why Youth Ministry has Failed!

Or where has it failed. (This from a conversation on a Forum

Let me quickly suggest a few ways:

It has failed because it has been more about the Youth Pastor than God.

It has become more the Entertain me rather than God changing me.

Retreats, games, gimmicks and focus on teenagers alone tends to be the focus.

It tends to be about self-evaluation rather than transformation.

It has forgotten that Youth Ministry isn't about Youth as it is about God and Family.

It often separates teens from their families and thinks that having adults be influencers on their lives works ...meanwhile the number one influence on their lives is forgotten - their parents.

It seems to be that the youth pastor knows better raising the kids than the parents who actually are.

It (Youth Ministry) tries to compete with extra curricular activities and thinks that they are the devil and people don't have their priorities start because their son or daughter is in sports, marching band, whatever ... and missed Your event or program.

It makes the focus on the program rather than Jesus.

It thinks relationships are the end and not the means.

It has failed in so many ways.

It is articles like this

That give me hope though.

Youth Ministry needs to be about Church.

It needs to be about being.

About Transformation, discipleship, loving others, loving God. Building community.

Basically Youth Ministry needs to be about Jesus. About being the church God called us to be!

Currently it has failed as an experiement but there is hope for the future. And for that I am glad and enduring and riding the future of it.

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