Friday, October 26, 2007

To have Halloween or not have Halloween?

Seems that is the question

As a church we don't do anything ...we think parents are smart enough to educate their own children ...if they want to trick or treat ..fine ... if they think Halloween is evil (Fine - but my kids aren't sharing their candy with their's)

Just saw a 1/4 of a page AD for a Church near here. Here is the AD ....

Hallelujah Night "The Christian Alternative to Halloween"
Wednesday October 31 6:30 - 8:30
Food, Fun, Games & Fellowship for everyone
Bring canned goods for the food pantry and pennies to help raise money for the Children's Home!

Costume Contest

For Anyone who comes dressed as a Biblical character. (Umm so witches are mentioned in the Bible would that be ok???)

No wonder non-Christians are so confused about our holy huddle and Christian subculture. Aren't we suppose to be salt and light to the world, in the world, yet not of it?? (Can someone tell me where that line is BTW?)

(MY children are going trick or Treating)

I think we have to go in with this - with discernment ... My children will not of course being dressing as witches ... (One is scared of everything as it is). Colossians 2:16 comes to mind here.

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dennis said...

I really love the debate around Halloween because it causes to decide how we interact with the culture.

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