Friday, July 27, 2007

Music Styles Debate

Over on a Certain listserv a youth minister got complaining about the "Traditional" music his church uses and why he couldn't be hip enough like the Mcdonalds church down the street.

Here are some thoughts I've had:

1. We equate hymns and old as being irrelevant and uncontemporary
and discount the heritage and traditions that make up the church.

2. We think we need to reach young people to be the leaders of the church of tomorrow meanwhile discounting the old in that or discounting the young that they are the church in the present and now.

3. We equate Music Styles as that of Church Growth. (When was the last time a contemporary service brought more to Christ?) Interesting enough a study on some of our megachurches .... alot are more traditional and those that added newer style never won people (some needs to look at sally M.'s article from REV ...Worship as Evangelism) Article Found here

4. "The church is too caught up in the Burger King slogan 'We're going to have it our own way."

-never could say it better. Kudos. Almost seems like youth ministry at times ...we're going to have it our own way ...we're going to go contemporary and not even consider the context nor culture nor personal issues struggles of the church and just insult everyone and not be very Christ like because you know it is all about music styles and our choices to help young people right away, right? We need to be patient, loving, and patient, and praying. Sometimes the best youth ministries aren't built upon music styles but on Jesus. Perhaps a Jesus centered youth ministry with some mentoring by older adults who love the hymns might be beneficial and an unique ministry opportunity to both young and old.

- Of course this issue is somewhat amusing because we have people that had been visiting our church and saying we're too contemporary ... and they love the hymns.
-Why is it so much about THEIR music choice and not so much about serving Jesus?

Worship is an expression, attitude, and should be ongoing and every consuming and not be a style. Worship doesn't set the mood for the sermon. Worship is the sermon. Worship is serving in the kitchen. Worship is a reflection of what we love and who we are. If we truly worship God then when we drive, sleep, wake, walk, talk, act, be ....should all be a reflection of our worship.
People equate singing along as worship isn't. Worship is much more than just singing.
People think singing hymns - isn't worship ... But it can be a reflection from people's hearts.
So often the focus is on the mode or style rather than the heart.
When people say I don't like the worship service - it isn't because of the Worship as much as it is to their own individual "preference" or style.
How selfish! Traditional, contemporary .... who in hell cares? (Yup hell doesn't care because we are divided over petty music styles and meanwhile people are going to hell)
Worship while you read, watch TV, show people who you love. You show me your homes and I can tell you what you worship!

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