Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leaving High School - things you need

Top 10 Things
Students Need to Know Before They Leave High School

1. They are valued.
2. They are loved.
3. They are passionately in love with Jesus.
4. They are the Church.
5. They are to love others.
6. They are to be Prayer Warriors.
7. Practice the Spiritual Disciplines.
8. They know some of the Word. (Not all of it, because it is a
journey of faith and ongoing)
9. They are life long learners on a faith Journey.
10. They have mentors and are mentoring others.


Grant said...

You friggin' rock. I'm so stealing this!!

Patmos said...



Why I'm a UVA fan.

Being from Canada ...I'm a Hockey fan. Follow the Leafs, like the Jays. Went I went to college everyone had their teams ..... College ...