Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My New I-pod

So I was curious this past weekend. No cards, no nothing from my students. My wife treated me to Dinner and a movie. And my children gave me a party but the teens: Nothing.

Then on Sunday - they had cake, and cards which was fine. The past few months I've been joking on them (My own dry humour) about my invisible I-pod (Because they all got one and I don't and really probably wouldn't of bought myself one). Then one of my students handed me a gift, opened the box and asked if this was really what it was? And they responded: YES. A colour 30 GB I-pod - how cool is that? They pooled their money and got me one. Now if I can one figure out how to work it.


Ryan said...

NICE!!!! I am lucky to even get a card from the kids and for them to even remember it is my birthday. Very cool gift. Have fun with it.... I am jealous!!! :)

Brian said...

I'm so jealous. I think I am going to forward your post to all my students!

Roy said...

hey, lets swap students!!! that is really cool

denise said...

seriosly. if one student even knows when my birthday is, i'm grateful... an ipod? wow, i'll swap out anytime!

Da Youth Guy said...

Really, nice work on the "relationship" thing!

I just got a nano. When we bought my daughter her new computer for college she got a nano for free (after rebate). since she already HAS the same ipod you just got, Daddy got the nano.

Yes, I'm a pod person.

'neice said...

yeah, that was so cool of them. The kids never remember my birthday. One year, however, my small group did and they gave me a parallel Bible. I had reallyw anted one and was totally touched they'd do that.