Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Plagiarism Article

Ht to ThinkChristian

I think, as bloggers, we need to be careful about what we post and how we post and cite it.

For me, I know that line is hard and even of posting pics etc.

So here are some rules I use:

1. If it is a story of interest - link to the story.
2. If it is a quote of a book - give the book and author, and treat and do a critique and review.
3. When posting pics - see if a copyright on the Picture - (Google
images is helpful)
4. Do Research.
5. Know the difference between that of plagiarism (Appropriate wrongfully passing one's work as your own) and that of copyright infringement (passing off someone's elses "copied" work to others without considering where the property or work is owned or whom by)
6. Know what is stealing and what is not. In the world of share files, music etc. Caution is always good.
7. Your blog is yours - make it like a scrapbook but give proper credit where Credit is due. (Scrapbooking isn't my thing, but does take some time and talent to make your blog better - to just copy and paste an article on your site doesn't make much sense, unless you are adding to it, quoting where you got it from, and evaluating it.
8. Have a Creative Commmons license or Copyright of your stuff - and if published on other sites ... Make sure it helps their site, and know that the work is YOURS.
9. Have Fun. Sometimes it isn't fun to find out that certain things aren't original, but try the best you can. You will make mistakes. Use your blog wisely, and blog what you know. If you don't know anything about automechanics, or hockey - don't blog about it. Make your blog yours. Don't try to be a "Know-it-all" on every topic.
10. See what other bloggers do. In being an example, get a mentor. Be a mentor. Your blog can be a very good tool and journal or can hurt you. You make it what you want.

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