Saturday, September 17, 2005

If I only Had a Brain. I've been saying this for years. Sometimes Questions are more important than answers. Arriving at a conclusion is more important than the conclusion itself. Seems too many are in a hurry to give the answers or be the Answer themselves. I've tried to do this, and recently concluded its about the process, the journey and not the conclusion that matters.

Sure - there is Hope, but a part of our faith is stumbling toward that hope. I see too many publishers selling books of Wannabes or The next Purpose Whatever without really asking the tough questions. Questions like: God are you there? God you know what ticks me off? What in the world were you thinking, God?

Too many play the Stage. Play the Big Game. Want to be the next Mega Pastor. The next Rick Warren, the next Doug Fields (in Youth Ministry), the next Rob Bell, or even the next having his own show - cough, cough (Ron Luce). And I haven't even spoken of Hybels, Tulsa(180) or that.

Now before someone gets on me saying ..."Oh, you're just jealous." Jealous of what? God is blessing those ministries sure, doesn't mean I want to copyright or be the next trend or best thing. I want to be where God puts me, and not where I think some publisher, or some trend says I should be. Are there lessons to be learned? Sure.

Some would even mention "Umm aren't rants just putting down the Family of God and not uplifting?" Actually Jesus ranted. Paul rebuked Peter. God ranted to Job. Job ranted to God. Thomas doubted. David was ticked off at God that his son had died. Noah got drunk, and well Moses was just ticked off at the whining of the Babies of Israel and so hit his staff on a rock to flow out water. Thus discernment and thinking for one's self.

Thus our faith journeys have to be our own, not the next trend, not Doug Field's, Not Tony Jones' but our own.

Sometimes I don't always use my brain, and it is in those moments I depend on others, godly counsel, and God directing in the right way. Do you need a brain?

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