Saturday, September 13, 2003

Ever Get one of those days where you know you are exhausted but cannot
sleep? That is me right now. It is 1am in the morning. I have 2 small
children (Both under 2yrs old) and my wife is sleeping (The Beauty she
is). Any ways, I got so much to do; yet due to crunch time and several
other commitments; it seems at times my plate is too full; and yet not
enough. Does that really make sense?

Some of my students were worshipping tonite with the I-Worship DVD and it
was great to see that and just observe. The one prayer for me is "Is it
Real?" Do they ever just get it? I mean authentic; real; living;
breathing Christianity? I was online this evening and some student saw
(Not one of mine but he's from FL) that I was a Youth Pastor and asked if
I'd promote his ministry; give money and that he was starting his
ministry to evangelize ....He thought he was the only one. I was Real; or
I hope I was with this student and said we as YP are trying to do this
very thing; and no you are not alone. There are many organizations out
there trying to do this. He had a vision for different chapters and such
and much a similar philosophy as First Priority. Any ways, I pray I
encouraged him. Still I wonder if we take discipleship; evangelism and
the purpose of youth ministry for granted?

Do, we as youth workers ever get it? That we cannot do it alone. Youth
Ministry isn't about youth but about how we can be purposeful in not only
reaching youth but helping their families as well as being a family along
the way. Is it easy? No. Sometimes I feel cynical like Yaconelli,
recently; and want to just throw up my hands in the air and say "I give
up." It is in those moments when some student will surprise me.

An excellent example is tonite. I thought I left a good ministry for
this? I really wasn't connecting with some of the students until I did my
impersonation of the old SNL Hanze and Franz... and we're here to pump
you up. Cheesy? Sure. But it made laughs and some barriers started to
come down. Am I replacing their old youth worker? Nope; my whole pastoral
role is different. But am I going to love them and love God? Sure; and
along the way recognize the Kingdom is much bigger than you and I.

How about you; what is happening in your life about getting it? Here are
some food for thought questions.

Are your students getting it? If so; how do you know?
Have you ever had a Give Up Moment? What did you do to handle it?
How do you balance the valuable time you have?
What is your church doing to recognize that the Kingdom is bigger than

For me; it is sometimes ranting; writing and reworking the faith journey
I'm on. Welcome to the adventure and hope your journey this far with its
Ups and Downs has had some rewards along the way.

A Traveller of Faith

Gman :o)
Gerrard R. Fess IM-TorontoHcky Yahoo-fess2us
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"Few things are as humbling as a three way mirror"

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