Wednesday, December 29, 2021

A Look Back at 2021

 Here's a  look back of 2021. It was an interesting year.

We had just over came Covid 19 at the end of 2020 ..Nov-Dec.  Brian turned 16, worked at Arbys, got a car and a girlfriend ... then later went on to work at Food Lion. He was back in person learning.

Nicole had back in-person for her senior year. Graduated in June ...and went onto Virginia Tech and is loving her first year there.

Kendra was going to Reynolds. Took a few classes. This Fall she took an "Improv" class which she loved. She decided Post-secondary education wasn't for her. She is currently looking for employment.

Valerie is working at Atlee Christian loves it. 

We lost Hope our Cat in the Spring. We made the difficult decision after her battle with a cancerous tumor ..and removed ... it came back ... so we laid her to rest. In the Summer, we've been blessed with 3 kittens - by surprise who changed our lives. Sammie, Luna and Toby. All black cats that we love dearly.

I got my citizenship (After many years) July 4th this year. So exciting, and got to vote in my first election.

In Church news, We've been holding together - in a post-midst Covid Church-  streaming, outreach - Fun Day etc. Some of the highlights include: Camp, Homecoming, Fun Day, missions, ICOM etc.

As I look back, I see a bright future ahead.

To Read in 2022

 Every year I Read several books. Here are ones that I am currently reading and have on my To READ list and are waiting for me to pick up. They include:

When Your Church Feels Stuck - Chris Sonken.

The Art of Dying - Rob Moll.

Winning the War in Your Mind - Craig Groeschel.

Don't Blow Up Your Ministry - Michael MacKenzie.

WE  TOO ME - Mary Demuth

Messy Truth - Caleb K

Rediscover Church - 

Turning Church Members into Disciple Makers - Tim Wallingford

Made to Stick - Chip Heath & Dan Heath

What are you reading? Recommendations for me to read?

Monday, September 06, 2021

Thoughts to Live By


Thoughts to Live By:

1.     Life is not fair. No one ever said it was.

2.     Everyone does not have the same talents and gifts.

3.     We are not all equal, but we are all important.

4.     Those who enjoy life have learned to let life work for them.

5.     Character is more important than position.

6.     True friendship is of great value.

7.     Happy people are the best workers.

8.     Negative thinking is stinking thinking.

9.     Happy people tend to live longer than unhappy.

10.                        Money is a poor measuring rod of the worth of a person.

11.                        Those who go the extra mile usually have a smile.

12.                         A good friend is worth all the money in the banks.

13.                        Life becomes easier when we learn we only have one life to live,

14.                        Those who live right leave a good trial for the next generation to follow.

15.                         Attitude and passion are builders of character.

16.                         People who have a servant heart have found the secret to live.

17.                         Your heart will be blessed if you find a need and fill it.

Monday, August 09, 2021

Ten Reasons Why the Church of Christ is Worth Investigating

 1. You can read about it in the Bible. Romans 16:16

2. It has no Creed but Christ, hinds on no name on its members but Christ. Acts 11:26 1 Peter 4:16

3. It speaks where the Bible speaks, is silent where the Bible is silent. 1 Peter 4:11

4. It exalts Christ as the only head of the church. Col. 1:18

5. Its acts of worship are patterned after the New Testament. John 4:24

6. It teaches that spiritual unity can be attained on all disputed doctrinal questions. - 1 Corinthians 1:10

7. The church of Christ pleads for unity of all believers of Christ. John 17:20

8. It is not a denomination nor a group of denominations but the body of Christ. - Col.1:18. Its founder is Christ himself. Matt.16:18

9. Its aim - to save souls by preaching the gospel, teach godly living, and help all those in need. 1 Cor. 15:14

10. Its future - eternal glory with Christ. 1 Thess. 4:17

Thursday, August 05, 2021

Don't Write a Book.

 I have tons of friends that think writing a book is a BE All That thing. Problem is - it isn't.

I have tons to say but the medium which I say it is through online resources.

I've been quoted in a few books. Been honored to preview and give feedback on some published books. Even know some publishers, authors, and friends who have had their works published. (Trust me - they aren't rolling in the dough)

So what's my advice to those struggling authors out there?

1. Start small.

2. Write what you are passionate about.

3. Write your book or article as if it would never be published but you would want the whole world to know about it.

4. Invest yourself in another occupation.

5. Don't write to just write. Write as if you are telling your story.

6. Be creative.

7. Don't intend on publishing a book but seek advice from other authors and publishers.

8. Have Fun. Always improve but know that works are never just done overnite.

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Selkirk, Ontario native Gets Citizenship

 Richmond, Virginia. July 4th. 

Gerrard Fess, a native of Selkirk, Ontario, took the oath to become an American citizen, along with approximately thirty others. Gerrard, a 1991 graduate of Cayuga Secondary School, graduated from Mid Atlantic Christian University in Elizabeth City, NC in 1995. He was ordained as a minister from his home church, Selkirk Christian Chapel in 1995. He went on to serve several youth ministries in Ohio, Indiana, VA, and NC. He, also, took seminary classes at Anderson University School of Theology in Anderson, Indiana.  He has pastored two churches, one in Maryland and currently serves at Bonnie Brae Church of Christ in Henrico, VA. He is an author, blogger, and husband to Valerie, and father to three children: Kendra, Nicole and Brian.

Gerrard has served on several boards ..Most recently Oak Hill Christian Camp and is the Lakeside Clergy Representative to Lamb's Basket. He's been a Chaplain Associate, and enjoys reading and drinking coffee.

He currently also helps out at Atlee Christian Academy with their After-School program ... mentoring young people.

Asked why American Citizenship and why it took so long? "It was my children, suggesting that I tell others to vote their Christian values, why didn't I?" So this Fall, 3 of the Fess Family will be voting for the first time.

Gerrard is very proud of his heritage. His new dual citizenship (or as he called it Tri-citizenship: Canadian, American, and Heavenly citizenship)


Photo courtesy of Virginia Historic Society.  Mr. Fess is in the Light Blue Shirt.

ABC 8 News

CBS 6 Link

NBC 12 Link

Youtube Video of Ceremony

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