Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Questions as We approach 2019

1. What will my Bible reading plan be?

2. What can I do to reach out to others?

3. What specific steps can I take to loving my family more?

4. Whom shall I be praying for?

5. What sin will I fight the hardest to overcome?

6. What financial goals will I have? To get out of debt? To give more?

7. What books will I read?

8. What opportunities will I take to serve? (Missions trips, local service projects)

9. What Spiritual Discipline will I apply to my life more? (Fast, pray, spiritual retreat)

10. Am I committed more to the Lord to be His hands and Feet, no matter what?

(What steps are you taking for the new year, Lord willing)

Friday, September 07, 2018

Books I've Currently Finished Reading.

15 Things is a book on practical ministry lessons through the school of hard knows that Bible College doesn't prepare you for nor Seminary. Grade: B+

A Memoir of Eugene Peterson. A Good insight to him ...TMI in my opinion and too long. Well written - just long. B-

Fiction piece of work. I liked the Mystery but hated how long drawn out it was. For a Best seller it was written at a Middle School level and could of did without the cursing throughout. Too long 400 pages of saying the same which could of been cut in half. C- for this one.

Checked out this gem from a local seminary. Very well written and very practical even for today. I had to relook at the date again. 1890.
I'd give it an A.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Living by the One Anothers

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you." John 13:34

"Be devoted to mu another in brotherly love." Romans 12:lOa

"Give preference to one another in honor." Romans 12:10b

"Be of the same mind toward one another." Romans 12:16

"Let us not judge one another any more." Romans 14:13

"Let us pursue the things which make for peace and the building of one another." Romans 12:14

"Accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God." Rom. 15:7

"Admonish one another." Romans 15:14

"Have the same care for one a.11,other." 1 Corinthians 12:25

"Through love serve one another." Galatians 5: 13

"Bear one another's burdens and thus fulfil! the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

"Show forbearance to another in 1ovc." Ephesians 4:2

"Be kind to one another .." Ephesians 4:32

"Be subject to one another in the fear of Christ." Ephesians 5:21

"Regard o:ne another as more important than yourself" Philippians 2:3

"Do not lie to one another." Colossians 3:9

"Comfort one another• with these words.'' l Thessalonians 4: 18

"Encourage one another." 1 Thessalonians 5:ll

"Live in peace with one another." 1 Thessalonians 5:13

"Stimulate one another to love and good deeds. Hebrews 10:24

"Do not speak against one another." James 4:11

"Confess your sins to one another." James 5:16a

"Pray for one another so that you may be healed." 5:16b

Be hospitable to one another without complaint" 1 Peter 4:9

Thursday, August 23, 2018

I'm Glad I'm a Camper

(Having just finished another camp season)

(To the tune of ON Top of Old Smoky)

I'm glad I'm a camper
I'm trusting the Lord
I'm reading the Bible
Believing each Word
The World is Forgotten
From Sin I am Free
I'm so glad I got to go
to Camp Oak Hill for Thee!!