Thursday, August 29, 2019

Invite Someone to Church

I serve a small church that is trying to be Jesus' hands and feet to the community.

This Fall, we're going to try to impact our community and just invite one. Bonnie Brae has been part of Central Virginia for over 72 years and is making an impact. My prayer is that we're the church that God is proud of. How about you?

Friday, July 26, 2019

6 Years Ago ...

Lexie Patricia (nee Weatherbee) Fess

Passed on: July 26th, 2013

Peacefully, at her home with her family by her side, on Friday, July
26, 2013, at the age of 67.
Beloved wife of Donald Vaillancourt. Cherished mother of Gerrard,
Dwayne, Michael, Daryl and stepchildren Paul and William
Vaillancourt. Will be missed by her grandchildren. Dear sister of
Pauline (Lorne) Huelin, Cecelia (Stephen) Youden, Sherry (Jim) Huelin
and her brother Lorne.
Predeceased by her parents Anne and Roy Weatherbee.
She will be greatly missed by her many friends. Friends will be
received at Stoney Creek Church of Christ, 105 King St. E., on
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 from 12 p.m. until the time of funeral service
at 1 p.m. Interment to follow at Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery,
In lieu of flowers, donations to the Cancer Society or Heart and
Stroke Foundation would be appreciated by the family.
Donald V. Brown Funeral Home, 905-662-2948

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Keeper of the Spings.

The late Peter Marshall, an eloquent speaker and for several years the chaplain of the United States Senate, used to love to tell the story of "The Keeper of the Spring,"

1 a quiet forest dweller who lived high above an Austrian village along the eastern slopes of the Alps.
The old gentle man had been hired many years earlier by a young town council to clear away the debris from the pools of water that fed the lovely spring flowing through their town. With faithful, silent regularity he patrolled the hills, removed the leaves and branches, and wiped away the silt from the fresh flow of water. By and by, the village became a popular attraction for vacationers. Graceful swans floated along the crystal clear spring, farmlands were naturally irrigated, and the view from restaurants was picturesque.

Years passed. One evening the town council met for its semiannual meeting. As they reviewed the budget, one man's eye caught the salary figure being paid the obscure keeper of the spring. Said the keeper of the purse, "Who is the old man? Why do we keep him on year after year? For all we know he is doing us no good. He isn't necessary any longer!" By a unanimous vote, they dispensed with the old man's services.
For several weeks nothing changed. By early autumn the trees began to shed their leaves. Small branches snapped off and fell into the pools, hindering the rushing flow of water. One afternoon someone noticed a slight yellowish-brown tint in the spring. A couple days later the water was much darker. Within another week, a slimy film covered sections of the water along the banks and a foul odor was detected. The millwheels moved slower, some finally ground to a halt. Swans left as did the tourists. Clammy fingers of disease and sickness reached deeply into the village.

Embarrassed, the council called a special meeting. Realizing their gross error in judgment, they hired back the old keeper of the spring . . . and within a few weeks, the river began to clear up.
Fanciful though it may be, the story carries with it a vivid, relevant analogy directly related to the times in which we live. What the keeper of the spring meant to the village, Christian servants mean to our world. The preserving, taste-giving bite of "salt" mixed with the illuminating, hope-giving ray of "light" may seem feeble and needless . . . but God help any society that attempts to exist without them! You see, the village without the keeper of the spring is a perfect representation of the world system without the salt and light of God's servants (Matthew 5:13–14).

Catherine Marshall, Mr. Jones, Meet the Master (New York: Fleming H. Revell, 1951), 147, 148.
Taken from Improving Your Serve by Charles R. Swindoll. Copyright © 1981 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. from Thomas Nelson.

So who is your keeper of your Springs? Jesus? OtherS?

( I had used the above illustration for a communion illustration to point that Jesus is our Keeper, and so we partake to Remember Him.

Proverbs 4:23 says "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Post Abortion Grief.

The Christian Counseling and Training Center hosts a course on post abortion grief. It is a place of healing, and forgiveness. I've had the honor of being the official "pastor" for the healing service at the end of the course. I preach pro-life, forgiveness and grace extended. Stats suggest that one out of every 3 women have had an abortion. Chances are you know someone personally. We, as Christians, can be Jesus' hands and feet by extended empathy, sympathy and grace and compassion as Jesus would.

There is even a class for the men. Everyone needs to know they are forgiven and set free.

CP Photography

We recently (Bonnie Brae Church) finished a pictorial directory. We did ours Through from Winston-Salem, NC - a very fine group to do business with.

Forms to use in Ministry

I recently came across an article that verified what I've been saying for years: "General release forms expose you to lawsuits" … Years ago, youth leaders would have one general release form for the whole youth group season for each school year. the problem is it is used for multiple events and trips. Church Mutual, in a recent publication, talks about Legal Liabilities and the article quoted above. They cite 3 things to protect your organization - whether camp, church etc. 1. Consent/permission 2. Liability/indemnity and 3. medical consent. Everyone wants to have fun but doing so safely and educated helps in case of such emergencies arise.

Church Mutual even has an app where you can access their sample forms at Church Mutual Now.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Fallen Pastors/ Second Chances and Grace Extended.

Not a week goes by I don't hear about a Fallen pastor. Celebrity pastor. Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Billy Graham's grandson, James Macdonald … etc. I have several of their books. thought they had it all. In the 80s it was TV evangelists …. Sometimes we think Bigger is Better. The fact is (even with David in the Bible - a man after God's own heart) that pastors mess up. Sometimes Big Time. they put their pants on like anyone else. They need a Saviour. Jesus is that Saviour. There but the grace of God go I.

Here are some thoughts I've had for awhile on this very topic:

1. Accountability is important.

2. We all mess up.

3. There is consequences for sinful action.

4. I love second chances, don't you?

5. Forgiven people, forgive.

6. Grace extended, is grace released.

7. Love God, Love others, see people as God would.

8. Take the log out of your own eye; meanwhile I'm still taking the forest out of mine.

9. Repent isn't just a word leads to action.

10. Release the past; don't look back. Learn from it. Move forward. Love all, forgive all, learn from your mistakes.

Anything else you would add?

Sermon Series in Spring.

Right now I'm preaching through the Gospel of John which will take us past Easter ...Then I will go into a series called "Dumb Things Christians do …." based upon Mark Atteberry's book. What are you currently preaching on?

Invite Someone to Church

I serve a small church that is trying to be Jesus' hands and feet to the community. This Fall, we're going to try to impact our ...