Selkirk, Ontario native Gets Citizenship

 Richmond, Virginia. July 4th.  Gerrard Fess, a native of Selkirk, Ontario, took the oath to become an American citizen, along with approximately thirty others. Gerrard, a 1991 graduate of Cayuga Secondary School, graduated from Mid Atlantic Christian University in Elizabeth City, NC in 1995. He was ordained as a minister from his home church, Selkirk Christian Chapel in 1995. He went on to serve several youth ministries in Ohio, Indiana, VA, and NC. He, also, took seminary classes at Anderson University School of Theology in Anderson, Indiana.  He has pastored two churches, one in Maryland and currently serves at Bonnie Brae Church of Christ in Henrico, VA. He is an author, blogger, and husband to Valerie, and father to three children: Kendra, Nicole and Brian. Gerrard has served on several boards ..Most recently Oak Hill Christian Camp and is the Lakeside Clergy Representative to Lamb's Basket. He's been a Chaplain Associate, and enjoys reading and drinking coffee. He current

Sunrise July 1st


Sharing in Suffering

 Sharing in Suffering 1. Don't assume you know all the answers. 2. Avoid trite expressions. Don't say anything. Be there. 3. Don't remain impersonal & clinical. "Touch." 4. Don't assume punishment is suffering from God. Do 1. Identify with sufferer. Haven't been there yet, 2. Pray for self and sufferer first. 3. Be careful. Sympathetic listener, 4. Know when to remain silent. How to be a Godly Sufferer 1. Don't demand a reason from God for suffering. 2. Don't withdraw indefinitely from others and God. 3. Don't expect others necessarily to understand your plight. 4. Don't doubt the Goodness and Faithfulness of God. Do 1. Accept God always is in control. 2. Enjoy God's Presence in the midst of suffering. 3. Realize that God knows the limits of your endurance. 4. Do Remember there may be heavenly purposes of which you know nothing.

Summer Reading List

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BRM Mentoring Retreat,

  In May of 2021 I went to Louisville, KY.  quick Trip. Left Monday returned Thursday. In that time, toured Louisville Slugger Factory, ate at Ruth Chris, Toured Southeast, bowled, dinner at Bob Russell's home and lots of sessions and learning opportunities.  It was a great reflection and a chance to learn from other ministers in the trenches. The best take away from this retreat was "Be encouraged, you're not alone." Lots of ideas, and things I'm still going over. 

Spring 2021 Book Reading List.

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So How does a Canadian end up in the US ministering?

  So How does a Canadian end up in the US ministering? I get this question a lot. Long Story short: God. I grew up in Canada, went to a church as a young man and was thinking ministry (Due to the influence of the godly men and women from my home church included several families like the Hoovers, Donovons, Kindys, Sevenpipers, Mrs.C, The Ladies Group, and of course Terry Tanner). I was looking at several different schools - then this one from NC came. I didn't have any $$$. They just said - come, God would provide. (And HE did). So I ended up on a campus I didn't even see, and going to school with people I hardly knew except by this Choir Tour.(The school originally was called Roanoke Bible College now Mid Atlantic Christian University) Originally my plans was to be a youth minister - and go back to Canada. But God had other plans. When I was at school, I was probably the class clown ... but also wanting to do what was right. In my Junior Year, I met my future Bride. We married