Self Care Covenant

 Covenant for self-care. Here are some suggestions for self-care for those in ministry: 1. I will keep, as a regular practice, the following spiritual disciplines (beyond sermon and teaching preparation. List at least 2. 2.  I will regularly set time aside for family meals (at least weekly) and family activities (monthly). 3. I will take regularly scheduled days off and set a standard for vacation (time away). 4. I will pursue Continuing Education by scheduling seminars, conventions, conference at least one a year. 5. I will work towards maintaining my health with guidelines outlines by my practicing physician. Taking medications, exercise, eating healthy, sleep habits.etc. Briefly describe exercise program: 6. I will maintain close relationships with the following people (Family, friends) and whom I can go to in times of stress. 7. I will maintain my administrative life through the establishment of legal documents and the appropriate circumstances of such. eg. personal will, power of


One of my favourite Christmas movies is A Christmas Story. So much so is that I own the Leg lamp (Yes, that leg lamp) and went to where the movie was filmed for vacation one year. "You'll shoot your eye out kid." There is so much going on during Christmas time. For me a year ago we were getting ready to spend a few days away in New York City for New Year's Eve. This past year has been a whirlwind.  It was a year of transition. Valerie from her job. Brian graduated High school and is now at VCU. Nicole is in her apartment at Virginia Tech and Kendra is working at Panera. As for me, I'm still Mr.G at ACA helping out and in the midst of ministry. The church has had its Ups and Downs.  We've had some people come and others go in our transition year and trying to reach others. A small church trying to make a difference. One of the greatest Joys is that the church is making a difference one life at a time. We've had a few baptisms and visitors come. This next ye

Great Churches

We frequently hear about or read about great churches. So what makes a great church? Here are some observations about great churches: 1. One that never thinks itself in the terms of greatness. One of the Lord's teachings is that the great ones are those who serve, not there for stardom in the kingdom. 2. A Church that abides in the truth. A great church is not drawn into "Spiritual highs". Truth is the fountain of freedom in Christ from which the church freely drinks. 3. A great church preaches the only message God ever commissioned any church preach, the gospel of Christ. It is the power of the gospel to preach in season and out. 4. A church that is doing the works given by the Head of the Church. It cares for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the lonely, and the lost sheep. These occupy the mind and soul. Builds and grounds are viewed as tools of service, never ends within themselves. 5. A great church is a loving church. They will know you are Jesus' disciples by yo

He Was ...

 He was a Dreamer .... raised in the Restoration Movement, tempered in the school of Hard knocks, trained in the school of work ethics, graduated in the school of common sense, believed in the school of Christ, buried in the school of Spiritual Revival, raised in the school of Immersion, humbled by the school of Jesus' feet, hailed in the school of self-sacrifice, survived in the school of the Blessed. All this to be called a Follower of Christ.

The Critic

  The Critic anonymous A little seed lay on the ground And soon began to sprout. "Now, which of all the flowers around," It mused, "shall I come out? The lily's face is fair and proud, But just a trifle cold. The rose, I think, is rather loud, And then, its fashions old. The violet is all very well, But not a flower I'd choose; Nor yet the Canterbury bell — I never cared for blues." And so it criticized each flower, This supercilious seed, Until it woke one summer morn, And found itself — a weed.

Combating Generalizations of Preachers/ Pastors

 Preachers sometimes have a bad reputation in society. Another scandal, another stereotype, another falling short of expectations. There is even a discussion on physical stereotypes of ministers: skinny jeans, polo shirts, and sometimes out of shape white males. I thought I'd take a few minutes to bring up generalizations I often hear about a preachers' character and work traits. Here are the expressions of angst and some reasons behind the generalizations I often hear for the dislike of those in ministry work. 1. The often come off as knowing it all, they've been there and done that and think they can change the church overnight. Very prideful, and Big heads, unapproachable. 2.  They're always out for your wallet. All they want is your money and to get rich. Bigger is better. Thus the more $$ the more they look good. 3. They lack personal and unbalanced work skills. Extremes - either too lazy (work only one hour a week) or overwork but never take a day off and neglect

The Next Gen Preacher Search

I saw this "competition" from my alma mater and wondering about it. (IT might be a Good thing but communicates something different) Found here: They travel to CA and get coached by a team, and of course if "Win" can preach to many as 25 000. (Who wouldn't want that, right?). Here are some of the issuesI have with this idea:  1. It turns preaching into the NEXT BIG THING - competition, celebrity mega pastor, Idol, Got talent thing rather than a calling.  2. It wastes money. Sure 2 students and their professors go cross country to "compete" with others - is it good stewardship?  3. What does this say to others in the preaching program? (Oh, these students are better than you and well forget you and ministry you'll never make it)  4. Does this communicate reality? Preaching ministry is more than Speaking. What about pastoral, administrative etc.  5. What about the small church? Fact is 8